Wedding Photographer in Marrakech

Our experience, attention to detail, colour and lights has allowed us to select 3 photographers and videographers to suit your budget.

They are discreet and experienced; they work with good taste and in harmony with the scenes around them. They capture the special moments of your big day: the lighting during the ceremony, the movement of your guests, exchanges between guests, all contribute to create beautiful marrakech wedding photos and memories.

Your wedding lasts one day, your photos last a lifetime, this is to take into account from the beginning.

If you don’t have a personal photographer you really trust, we will propose you a selection of professionals who already worked at the villa and whose work has been succesfull. Because being a photographer for a dream wedding in Marrakech is not so simple. The photographer has to know how to play with changing lights, candle lights, day lights and night lights, moments, emotions, individual emotions but also collective ones.

These are the professionals we will propose you, you will have access to their websites and will be able to chose the one whose style you love. Never forget that only two things last forever concerning your wedding in Marrakech : Love and photos !

« Trash Dress » Photoshoot the following day

The day after your wedding we organise a « Trash dress shootings » or wedding photoshoot:

A special moment with the photographer who will take you, dressed in your bridal gown and suit, to be photographed in exceptional and incredible locations inside and outside the villa. A unique moment and unforgettable place captured forever.

During this shooting, you will be photographed in a way that would have been impossible during the wedding day, in your wedding dress /suit by the pool, in the countryside, desert etc…

The photos visible on this page are from the « Trash Dress » shooting

A wedding photographer Marrakech to capture once for ever the best moments of a life