champagne reception following the wedding marrakech ceremony.

Champagne reception.

Some homes and Marrakech villas have terraces with spectacular views of the Atlas Mountains which enhance this moment of congratulations to the married couple for champagne reception

It is also a special time to take pictures with friends and family facing the Atlas Mountains and contemplating the beautiful African sunset accompanied by the captivating and rhythmic sound of the djembes and Berber artists and acrobat shows.

The cocktail lasts between one and two hours depending on your wishes, as night falls, this is the time to admire the pool from the terrace, illuminated with 101 lanterns and floating candles especially for your event.

Marrakech Weddings Morocco will make your wedding reception dinner a magic moment.

is one of the key moments of your wedding in Marrakech. Everybody just had incredible emotions during the ceremony, now it’s time to really enjoy life together, all together. Talking, drinking, eating and watching the unbelievable sunset from the rooftop terrace where this moment takes place. You can decide to have some lounge music background but you can also imagine having live music up there. Soft at the beginning and becoming more “dancy” when night begins to fall, to get a very special atmosphere before dinner. A singer alone with a guitar, a saxo player, a violinist… But also to end this moment and call people to ho down for dinner, a berberian African percussions and acrobats show that will lead
everybody in a great mood ! While all this, you will enjoy the so nice snacks proposed by our caterer, and all the drinks you will have decided to propose to your guests and served by our barmen. Enjoy this moment where you, bride and groom, will have time to see everybody, talk to everyone and take personal photos with all your friends with Atlas Mountains and sunset background. This is the second part of your dream wedding

Your wedding Marrakech dinner for a magic moment in Morocco