A brunch or buffet the day after your Marrakech wedding.

Marrakech brunch

We work with the best Marrakech wedding brunch and buffet caterers in Morocco, if the chefs at your villa rental do not offer this specific service.

A caterer specialized in brunch and buffets is also essential for maximum freshness, taste and service throughout the event.

Buffets and brunches are of European standards but set in luxurious gardens, near pools with reception areas under the shade of olive trees.

You really think that because you had a rehearsal dinner with all your guests on your first night, an unforgettable ceremony, a pre-dinner cocktail drinks and snacks facing the Atlas mountains, an enchanting dinner and a great party your wedding is over ? Of course not, weddings in Marrakech never last ! Gather your friends and families one last time for this very special “day after” moment enjoying a high quality range brunch with fresh fruit juices to wake your body up, with so good sweet and salted food to recover promptly. You will spend this moment totally out of stress, anyway you don’t have anymore available… You will talk about these last days, about these last months preparing everything, and about the future with all these people who leave one after the other to go back to their planes and homes. This very special moment is the conclusion of the days of your life.

Marrakech brunch

And why not thinking about creating a special atmosphere of this destination wedding in Marrakech asking all your guests to dress in white to keep so chic photos of this moment ? Why not thinking about offering to each of them a typical straw hat with their name on it ? like the last real personal attention you will have had for them and that they will keep for years ? Weddings in Marrakech are not only a ceremony, a dinner and a party that people may forget one day, they are a very special and atypical journey that you will spend with the ones you love and who love you