Pre-wedding dinner rehearsal dinner

Our events agency Marrakech Weddings Morocco also proposes to organize a pre-wedding dinner rehearsal dinner on the rooftops of the medina to allow you to meet for a first night in a privatized riad in the medina.

We privatize either a terrace overlooking the rooftops of the Medina or the whole Riad.

Marrakech Weddings Riad for weddings in Morocco with wedding planners and organizers for non-religious ceremonies.

Weddings in Marrakech

Juts take some time to think about the importance of this moment of your wedding in Marrakech.

Everybody understands that you host your wedding in a Marrakech Villa.

But perhaps everybody needs to meet somewhere before. This is exactly the aim of this pre-wedding dinner, or rehearsal dinner, or ice-breaking dinner. This kind of moments when people who don’t know each other discover themselves, people who haven’t seen each other for a long time have time to talk and to meet again. With this kind of previous event, you’re sure that everybody will have had a “double dose” of the others, double moments, double pleasure! The place you will chose is also important, let’s make it different because on the big day you will have all your friends around you in the beautiful villa where you host your wedding in Marrakech. So let’s go inside the medina and help your guests to discover a different atmosphere, the real heart of Marrakech, the soul of the city : its medina.

Coming from their hotels or from the villa, your friends will need to walk in the small and charming streets of the old town of Marrakech, discovering the craftsmen and the souks, walking through these ageless streets to get to the place you will have privatized and enjoy this strange feeling of calm after the storm that everybody feels entering a riad after have walked through the teeming streets of Marrakech medina. Quiet an unforgettable experience that everybody will surely love