Wedding ceremony Marrakech

Our team selects the most beautiful places to organize a secular wedding ceremony in the shade of the Marrakech sun.

This space has to be magical and very well appointed, some luxury villas can accommodate secular ceremonies in spaces designed for the occasion:

A double row of olive trees is an ideal place to decorate, forming an exceptional and magical space.

A scattering of very natural petal white roses in the middle of two rows of white covered chairs provides an outstanding entrance and aisle for the bride on her father’s arm.

It is a moment of intense emotion that needs to be enhanced by an unforgettable ceremony wedding venue in Marrakech.

You will need to chose between a professional wedding officiant who will give to your guests invited to your wedding in Marrakech some kind of “seriousness”, of something more official.

Or, you can also chose among your friends and family, one, or more, to run the ceremony and that will give a big personality to this very special moment of emotion and sharing.

Chose a friend, or your fathers, or mothers, someone that nearly everybody will know, that everybody loves, someone easy to speak in front of people, and you will have the most personal wedding ceremony you ever dreamt of and nobody will think that it’s something artificial or false.

Marrakech secular wedding service

The wedding ceremony is orchestrated by a wedding officiant using secular texts that combine religious and civic speeches, punctuated by readings of family or witnesses.

The bride and groom and their witnesses sign a register at the end of the ceremony and make their exit to music that magnifies this moment of joy.

Professional photographers can also capture special and emotional moments in this romantic wedding decor.

Secular wedding ceremony Marrakech.