Catering for your wedding – Wedding caterer Marrakech

Wedding reception caterer in Marrakech

The choice of your wedding reception caterer is pre-selected by our team of wedding planners who know from experience who is the most talented and efficient for the service.

A French or Moroccan chef, according to your choice, offers a tailor-made menu for your wedding with a pre-tasting to help to narrow down your choices.

Having good caterers is of course very important in the organization and the good running of your wedding in Marrakech.

The way we select our partners is not only on the food and meals quality. This is obvious.

Wedding caterer Marrakech

We also take in consideration other aspects that are at least as important as the quality of the food in a destination wedding in Morocco. Once we are sure of the knowledge of the cook and pâtissier (ours have been working for the best French Chefs), we have strong requirements on reliability (making sure that time schedules are respected, that the expected number of people working on this part of the event is the good one, etc…), and on the sanitary aspects (no food cut or made on site, everthing is done in professional kitchens then brought by a cold-storage truck and only heated and set at the villa, same for the wedding cake

Wedding cake caterer

We have selected a renowned and talented French pastry chef who gives all their

Of course, we are not proposing the old-fashioned French-style wedding cake, but rather a modern wedding cake, in all its shapes and tastes. The arrival of the cake is accompanied by music to launch your wedding celebration under the starlit Marrakech night.

Buffet and brunch caterer in Marrakech.

A caterer is also essential for a high level of service and maximum of freshness throughout the event.

Buffets and brunches are of European standards but set in luxurious gardens, near pools under the shade of olive trees.

We work with the best brunch and buffet caterers in Morocco.

Even if you rent a marrakech villa our caterer will bring your Marrakech wedding dinner.